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Please come Celebrate and Pop the Cork! (Great New Technology has Been Created)

Hi everyone. So I’ve been building a master command center for the Snowball Party. It’s badass but it’s been a long time coming. It will allow anyone, anywhere to throw a Snowball! I know, I’m both scared and excited. But I need to start small, and with my community, which are LA Performers (and amazing talented creatives). Also there are some things i need to learn about the experience and would really appreciate your energy and feedback. Basically we’re going to put the opt-in is $7.50, which will be used towards some fun prizes. Food and drink will shared among the collective. Thinking “gift economy” here. Please come and invite whomever. It will mean the world to me. Sincerely, Barack Snowbama PS – Snowball will be in Silverlake.

  • City: Los Angeles
  • Date: 08/18/2019
  • Time: 4:30 PM
  • Party size: 32 snowballers