Why should I come to the Snowball party?

The Snowball Party is an experience that allows you to discover and experience your city in a fresh way. It is a different kind of night out, one where you are active and engaged in your surroundings and enjoying a tribal experience with your fellow Snowballers far away from the disconnection and alienation so common in this modern world. Snowball will get you out of your head, out of your car, and off of your phone. We take some of the analog, mix it with the digital, and emerge with a one-of-a-kind experience. Who doesn’t want that?

What should I expect from the event?

The Snowball Party relies heavily on your participation. The event is strategically designed to facilitate unique new experiences for the Snowballers (you), so you may be asked to do things you normally wouldn’t. Your safety is of the utmost priority, and you will never be asked to do anything dangerous, but for you to truly enjoy the event you should come with an open mind and be prepared to jump right in and step outside of your comfort zone.

What time does it start?

You will be emailed with your event’s designated start time. PLEASE DO NOT be late. It makes the experience difficult for your fellow Snowballers and messes with the flow of the whole event. We know, how old school of us. Seriously: Punctuality is key to a great Snowball, so don’t be that guy/girl/person.

I have a ticket. What happens now?

Congrats on buying a ticket! A day or so before the Party, you will hear from a Snow Patroller via text message with instructions on where you need to be and when you must arrive by. If you have other questions/concerns email the connect@thesnowballparty.com.

Is my ticket refundable?

No, once you make a purchase, your ticket is non-refundable. Furthermore, we have a limited number of spots, and when you buy a ticket, it’s off limits to someone else. If you are unable to attend, please email us immediately at the connect@thesnowballparty.com.

I bought tickets with a bunch of friends/my girlfriend/my boyfriend/my grandmother. We want to be together the whole night- is this possible?

Apologies, but no. The essence of the Snowball is to open your heart to what you don’t know; the unpredictable, unusual, and random. Don’t worry though – you will be reunited with your friends at some point in the night (you’ll know once you get there).

Am I responsible for transportation to my first location and from the final location?

Yes, you are. Thanks for asking. The Snowball is a very complicated thing to plan and while we’d love to bring you to and fro, it’s just too much to take on. Please keep in mind as well that your end point will be a different location than your starting point. For this reason we highly recommend ride-share or public transportation (so long as you are not late!) to get you to your starting point.

Will be there be food and drink, and what kind?

This depends on your specific host and Snowball.

I don’t drink. Is that a problem?

Not remotely. JUST FYI You will be around alcohol and other people drinking which is why all of our events are 21+.

I do drink. How much drinking will there be?

Snowball is not about getting tanked, but we are all about having a good time and drinking is a timeless way of doing so. We encourage responsible alcohol consumption and you may encounter multiple drinks on the course and will definitely have alcohol available at your final destination. Anyone who is obviously intoxicated or acting dangerously will not be served and may be 86’ed for life from Snowball. We love you, but safety first.

It’s raining, does Snowball go on?

Yes. Snowball is rain or shine. Bring an umbrella/appropriate clothing and your best game face.